The short version

1. I love cheese but its proven to not love me back. I like a good glass of whiskey from time to time.

2. My family was part of the Great Migration from the South and landed in Utah, my childhood through teenage years home (questions about Mormons, being black in a place where about 3 other black people live, and the merits of Jello, are expected). 

3. I've held many random jobs (from working in an airbag facility to shilling informercial products), and I've luckily stumbled upon a career using new media to tell interesting (and hopefully moving) stories. 

4. Creativity and innovation are accessible to all people -- the pursuit of creativity can change your life, and the world around you, in dramatically positive ways. I also believe the stories told personally in our minds and publicly are powerful and impactful. If you don't like the ones being told, change the narrative. 

5. This platform is a creative experiment, to rewrite and understand my own life story while elevating the stories of those around me worth listening, reading, and watching. There are many, far greater and more powerful stories than my own that I’d be honored to give reverence to. I'm sharing my learnings and perspectives as a black woman, writer, digital strategist, performer, convention questioner, lover, daughter, and all around media junkie who believes there are unexpectedly beautiful lives creating beautiful things, and those stories need to be told (loudly, while dabbing). 

Welcome. Grab a tea. Relax. Ponder. Meditate. Do a jig. Sing in your head (or maybe out loud). Read on if you're curious for more: 

 Image by  Tarrice Love

Image by Tarrice Love


The Long Version (damn, you really DO like me!)

I grew up in a single parent home, and started working at the age of 16 (feel free to ask me about the strangest job I've ever had, too many to count), until I was accepted at Cornell University.



After graduation, I landed a job at a prestigious law firm, hated my life, and decided the non-profit route could be my way of moving the world. While working in the non-profit arena I collaborated with some incredible young professionals to use Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text messaging tools to build movements that inspired 300,000 young people to take action on issues ranging from discrimination and poverty, to health and women's rights. I’ve also created campaigns for non-profits, political organizations, and major brands to help them reach communities they care about. 

I stumbled into storytelling/content building/writing/proselytizing -- or it found me. I've been a witness to the power new media gives to muted voices (and the voices that are typically silenced are those that aren't from straight men lacking melanin, but I digress).

Many innovations start from unexpected places, created by people who have no choice but to innovate to overcome their own adversities and improve the lives of those around them and beyond. Those stories move me, and I hope they move you too. They prove there are possibilities in the margins and in the lives we live every single day.

The creations you’ll find here range from the personal to the societal to the hilarious and the serious but they all have one thing in common - showcasing the ability of creativity and innovation to reshape our minds, and our world, for the better.

You’ll find conversations, products and services from people of color and women who are artists, creators, writers, activists, makers. Two marginalized groups that have made serious strides in innovation in our society and the world, yet are still overlooked in the media. 

I founded The New Quo because conventions are made up rules meant to be broken. 

You and I are part of a cultural movement of rouge digital agents using this little thing called the internet to shift things as we know it. Powerful shit. 

I don't believe in:

  • Generalizations
  • Wearing mix matched socks, unless the laundry hasn't been done
  • Suppressing the mass of hair on my head. I have a ton and love it

I do believe in:

  • Change
  • Power of collective movement 
  • The unique contributions every human being makes to this planet
  • Pizza in all forms (gluten free included, it sounds blasphemous, but is glorious)


Feel free to drop me a line at