This video includes clips from a storytelling festival performance detailing my life journey and lessons on leadership and diversity that can be learned, and showcases some of my unique audience engagement and performance style. This video showcases a small portion of the topics and talks I share!

Bringing the power of story to your audience

Change is on the other side of an incredible story. I believe it, I've seen it, and I love sharing it. As a performer, creator, and storyteller, I give talks that do two things 1) inspire the audience and 2) leave them with actionable insights that change the audience's work and their perspectives going forward.

Participants will not only learn key aspects of storytelling and communication, but how unique, personal experiences are the best sources of inspiration for navigating and creating change. Each of my talks and workshops can be tailored to your unique goals, from 1 hour presentations to half day seminars, and always include storytelling and activities for the audience to learn from and participate in. 

Example talks/workshops

If your goal is building confidence to enact change:

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Stop Asking for Permission: Gain Unwavering Confidence When Sharing Your Ideas

Change can’t happen unless we’re bold and brave enough to spark it. How do you gain the confidence and over come crippling self- doubt and negative talk to share a new bold idea with the world? This talk walks participants through the science of imposter syndrome, why it plagues so many high-achievers, and how to overcome it to share their bold ideas with a two step narrative framework.

If your goal is building influence + inspiration to get buy-in for bold ideas:


Inspire Action By Telling Stories With Purpose and Soul

We live in a world of information overload — yet more than ever people are craving bold, purposeful ideas and solutions to their problems in the sea of constant distraction. How do you get your team, community, consumer, or audience to pay attention and buy into your big ideas? In this talk, we'll discuss the science of story to persuade and move people to action, and the four key stories every leader must tell to create motivation, engagement and buy-in during moments of transition.

If your goal is overcoming the unconscious bias that gets in the way of change:


The Flavors of Bias

Birds of a feather flock together isn’t just an overused phrase — it also aptly highlights a truth — we all have a tendency to love, live, connect with and invest in people who look and act like ourselves, and our tendency to sort into groups of sameness permeates every area of life. Although seeking sameness has its validity in terms of comfort and security, this social separation and segregation that plays out across our lives is the match to the fire of unconscious bias. This interactive talk will walk participants through what unconscious bias is, why its activated especially during times of change and actionable tips on how to overcome it in any organization.

If your goal is staying connected and creating psychological safety for diverse teams during change:

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Inclusion Begins With a Story

Diversity matters. Businesses need diverse teams to survive and thrive and to improve their innovation but struggle to create connected and inclusive teams, especially during times of transition. In this talk participants will learn how their personal narratives are powerful tools for understanding and connecting with one another past the surface, improving psychological trust, creativity, and engagement.

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