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Bringing the power of story to your audience

As a performer, creator, and storyteller, I've discovered memorable and useful talks and performances should do two things 1) inspire the audience and 2) give actionable insights that change the audience's work and their perspectives going forward.

I've shared my perspective and expertise in a variety of spaces and audiences including videos onlinewomen's empowerment groups, bootcamps for start ups, and corporate workshops with companies like Johnson & Johnson. My keynotes and speaking engagements combine entertainment and audience participation with actionable, unconventional insights on the intersection between the human condition, social change, creativity, diversity, and storytelling/marketing. You'll laugh while you learn (and I wouldn't have it any other way). 

Your audience will not only learn key aspects of storytelling and communication, but how their unique, personal experiences and beliefs are the best sources of inspiration for authentic connection with each other and the communities they care about. Each of my keynotes and workshops can be tailored to your unique goals, and always include storytelling and activities for the audience to learn from and participate in. 

Example keynotes:

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stop asking for permission: how to gain unwavering confidence in sharing your story + moving the world

Creating feels scary. Sharing your work publicly can feel risky and dangerous. Our inner narrative becomes a murky concoction of judgement, self doubt, and criticism as soon as we want to put ourselves out there and share our work. This talk gets to the heart of:

  • How to shift your own inner narratives to have unquestioning confidence when pitching yourself and your work to potential clients, funders, partners and more
  • How to persuade with your messages in an authentic and impactful way
  • How to craft messages + stories that will resonate with your audience that you will be delighted and excited to tell, and that your tribe will pay attention to!

hurts so good: pains as insight

Pain is something we take large precautions to avoid. The psychical pain of accidents, ill health, and pushing our bodies to our limits. The mental pain of stress, fear, betrayal, and failure. Although pain feels awful and isn't fun, when it does happen it can also be channeled into productive outcomes for creators. Adversity can be a source of creativity, forcing individuals to determine solutions because they have no other choice. It's also the core way to understand how to shape your creations and messaging to solve a particular pain for your target audience. In this talk you'll learn:

  • The key pain story you should be sharing (and probably are not) about what has inspired your work/products
  • How to turn set backs, constraints, and limitations into assets when crafting your story and messages 
  • How to identify the pains of your tribe/clients/community and what stories to tell to connect your creations as solutions for them
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beating the creativity crisis

Various studies show a sharp plummet in creativity starts as early as 13 years old. With the amount of problems facing the human species (human rights, environmental problems, and medical challenges to name a few) we need creative thinking and problem solving more than we ever have before and teams and creators are clamoring on how to improve their own creativity. This talk covers:

  • Why you think you're not creative - and why you're wrong
  • The quickest ways to exponentially improve you and your colleague's/team's creativity and outputs
  • How to tap your creative potential - bringing your unique voice, work, and messages to the forefront of everything you do

Past speaking engagements include:

  • We Are Her Women's Empowerment Event - New York, NY - sharing the power of storytelling for action, and personal and social change to in our current political climate to 80 professional and entrepreneurial women who wanted to make an impact with their voices and perspectives
  • Brand Entrepreneurs Business Boot Camp - New York, NY - covered the power of storytelling and marketing tactics with 100 founders + start ups
  • Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Brooklyn, NY - keynote and workshop sessions inspiring 150 students on the possibilities of socially impactful work, and the power of new media to make social change
  • Johnson&Johnson Women in Leadership Workshop - keynote on how to evoke social change through for-profit work with women across various departments and roles at Johnson & Johnson headquarters
  • National Huffpost Live Panel Discussion on Voting - debating whether young people are apathetic to politics (hint, they are not!), as well as discussing the most effective ways to communicate with young people to motivate them to participate in politics 

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