The New Quo


change begins with a story.

The soul of your story is your most powerful tool for connecting, inspiring, and moving people to action. Let's discover yours.


Hi there, I’m Christina, creator of The New Quo.

Nice to (e) meet you! I help people + organizations discover and transform the soul of their ideas into powerful stories that move people to action.

Little more about me: Performer. Storyteller. Creator. Social impact innovator. Lactose intolerant but cheese sneaker. Believer in the infinite creative potential every human being brings to this planet. Status quo breaker who knows the lessons from our personal stories + beliefs are the most powerful tools we have to create transformational change within ourselves and out in the world.

Every challenge we face in business and life begins from a set of conscious and subconscious beliefs, stories, and narratives we hold about ourselves, our values, and how the world works. I'm on a mission to help creators, innovators, status quo breakers, and business owners to create change through powerful storytelling. By discovering the soul of your ideas, you can transform your vision into stories that inspire positive change, deepen your purpose, engage your community, and unleash your creativity. Learn how to work with me, or read + watch some of my stories on life lessons, wisdom, and creative motivation.