The New Quo
The New Quo
Flipping the status quo on creativity and purpose through the power of story


change begins with a story.

Story is your most powerful tool for making change and leading with purpose.


Hi there! I’m Christina, creator of The New Quo.

The New Quo is a media platform and professional development company flipping the status quo on leadership, creativity, and purpose through the power of story.

I wear two hats on this curly head —

I’m a Storyteller, and craft online stories and live performances about moments of innovation and transition. From the lessons on accidentally setting my afro on fire, to highlighting the career advice you can learn from Kendrick Lamar’s rap lyrics, I tell stories about the unexpected inspiration we can gain within the pivotal moments of our lived experiences

As a Story Strategist and workshop facilitator, I teach leaders how to close the purpose gap in the workplace through story. I have a decade of experience as a Story Strategist — from building stories with teams in the non-profit world that inspired 300,000 young people to volunteer on various social causes, to creating stories for brands that secured 5.8M in profits for the companies and teams I've worked for along the way. You still reading? You must want to know more! Grab a tea/whiskey/your favorite beverage and do a jig on over here to get my full story.