The New Quo
The New Quo
Flipping the status quo on creativity and purpose through the power of story


change begins with a story.

Your stories about your biggest moments are your most powerful tools for connecting and leading with purpose.


Why your Story Matters

Story creates trust

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Through neural coupling, a listener/reader’s brain fires in the same regions as the storyteller’s brain, creating an emotional connection and trust between listener and storyteller.

Story transports ideas

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Through a cognitive process called narrative transport, listeners/readers of a story are mentally and emotionally transported into the details of a story, adopting the values and point of view of the story as their own.

Story reveals purpose

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Humans use narrative to give meaning and purpose to the daily events of our lives, subconsciously creating stories about what things mean and why they matter.

story for a new generation of leaders

The stories you and your organization holds around your most pivotal moments are your greatest tools for deeply connecting, influencing, and inspiring your people. If you lead a team, are selling ideas, crafting a movement and more, you HAVE to be a powerful storyteller to shift the status quo and succeed. I’m here to help you become a better storyteller and to use your gifts to create more purpose and inclusion in your work (while doing a happy dance).


Hi there! I’m Christina, creator of The New Quo. is a storytelling platform + consultancy teaching status quo breakers how to use their personal and organizational stories to align their people to a purpose, improve psychological safety and engagement for diverse teams, and increase buy-in of their ideas. I’m also a performer and create stories to highlight historical and cultural moments of transformation.

My story expertise spans 10 years - from leading teams to motivate 300K young people to volunteer on various social causes (from discrimination to women’s rights) with cause marketing campaigns I led and wrote, to closing 6.5M in profits with teams across four different industries, all through story. You can peep my work in, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, and among other outlets. As an Utah native & NYC resident for 9 years, I know more uses for jello than I’d like to admit.