The New Quo Program

An 8 week creative development and storytelling program helping innovators discover and transform their beliefs and personal experiences into powerful stories that moves people to action. 

Your most powerful gift is the wisdom of your lived experiences and the stories you tell about them. So let's not lollygag, read down for more.

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Your creative potential is real.

Creating anything takes hard work, but sharing what you create in a way that will connect with and move other people can feel impossible.


Where do you start?

How do you figure out what to say? How do you get people to care about your message or work? And how do you do that in a way that feels empowering and exciting instead of terrifying?

When it comes to communicating to create change or inspire action, as a marketing professional and performer I noticed how we are far too focused on tactics over substance with how we communicate and connect with one another. Tactics feel safe, measurable, and real. Intangible substances like purpose, self expression, and motivation can feel foreign but are the foundation for action, creation, change, and for sharing your story.

The TNQ progam is designed to help you:

Who's this program for?

  • Creatives who feel creatively blocked or need help clarifying what they want to do

  • Startups needing guidance on the content and stories they should be creating around their brand

  • Innovators who want to rebrand or have a specific marketing campaign they are focused on

  • Entrepreneurs and companies that want to generate an impact and action through their stories and communications goals

  • Individuals who want to change the status quo through their messages and work

  • People who are values driven and know there is more to work and creating than solely a financial bottom line

Sounds great, How does it work?

  • During the 8 week program, you'll receive a series of written and audio prompts that combines theories on behavioral psychology, emotional intelligence, and narrative and storytelling techniques to help clarify your purpose, values, challenges, and self expression, and copy with your particular communications goal. 
  • We'll discuss your prompts in bi weekly sessions to discover patterns and to craft your messaging
  • You'll leave with massive transformation in your creative process on how to craft a compelling story centered in values that are real to you and will move and resonate with your audience, as well as new copy for your particular communications goal (i.e. branding, tagline, sales copy, fundraising copy, social media copy etc)

The good stuff (Testimonials)

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Phoebe Schreiner

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Bond and Bridge

Krystal Williams