I help dope creators + organizations flip the status quo through the power of storytelling.

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You have massive ideas and changes you want to make in the world.

But get stuck on what stories to tell, or how to motivate yourself or others to action.

Any change begins on the other end of a good story, and I’m here to show you how.

One of the most powerful tools on the planet is storytelling. Stories move us, educate us, connect us, and remind us of the deepest parts of being human. Whatever creative problem you’re facing right now, can begin and end with a story. Whether you’re struggling with your own creative confidence and outputs, needing accountability to finish a creative project, unclear about your values in your work and need help clarifying how to express them, or want to use storytelling to drive change around major challenges like diversity and leadership, I’m here to help you figure out the best stories, strategies, and techniques to achieve your dreams. See below for some quick FAQs on what I do, how to work with me, and how we can get started!

Who do you collaborate with?

  • Creatives who feel creatively blocked or need help clarifying what they want to do in their messaging internally and externally

  • Startups needing guidance on the content and stories they should be creating around their brand

  • Innovators who want to rebrand or have a specific marketing campaign they are focused on

  • Entrepreneurs and companies that want to generate an impact and action through their stories and communications goals

  • Individuals who want to change the status quo through their messages and work

  • People who are values driven and know there is more to work and creating than solely a financial bottom line

What creative challenges can you help me tackle?

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More brains are better than one.

I can help you brainstorm new story ideas and a content calendar for website, social, email, public speeches and more.

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Discover your motivation.

I can help you get crystal clarity on what your values are, and how best to translate them into powerful stories you can share for whatever communications goal you have.

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Master the tool of storytelling.

I can teach you how to use storytelling techniques to shift your own outcomes and behavior on confidence, creativity, leadership, diversity and more through my 8 week storytelling program. (I also host company workshops on these topics!)

The good stuff (Testimonials)

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Voice Body Connection

Elissa Weinzimmer

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Phoebe Schreiner

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Bond and Bridge

Krystal Williams