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The Ooey Gooey: How to Sell Your Ideas Through Your Story in 4 Weeks

Become the leader you wish you had. An online group story training course to 10x your storytelling skills so you can deeply connect, influence, and inspire your people to take purpose-driven action on your ideas, through the power of your stories that matter.

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" - Maya Angelou

We’re taught to stifle our own truths and stories for fear of failure and judgement, and to communicate with one another in tactical and emotionless ways that leaves most people uninspired and disconnected. How do you quickly get people excited and aligned on your new vision? Inspired and bought into a status quo breaking idea or direction? It begins with your story.

I’ve learned through personal experience and research that your life story is your most powerful gift for influence and making an impact in the world.


hi! I’m Christina

Every time I have shared the lessons in my life story, incredible things happened: I performed on stages in front of hundreds of people, won 10k on an online reality TV show, spoke at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Huffpost Live, and Cornell University, built this digital platform to 1.3M social media impressions, led creative teams to create cause marketing campaigns that motivated 300k young people to volunteer on issues that matter, and closed 6.5M in sales for companies I worked with and for. All through the power of stories.

My mission is to help you find the power in your stories that matter and in this online group training course I help leaders like you leverage the power of your personal and professional stories for clarifying your purpose and building influence around your creations.

What You’ll Learn

  • Clarity on your own personal purpose and career/business direction, and how to quickly get people aligned on your vision.

  • Strategy for the best stories to tell for connecting with and influencing your ideal audience or community around career/communications goals or business.

  • Stronger narrative structure and feedback for your communication goals (whether that be for a workshop, powerful speech, better online content, book or more).

  • Improved storytelling techniques that will help you move people to support/buy your ideas.


Participants will receive a series of story prompts to reflect upon and respond to. We’ll discuss these prompts in four 1 hour live online strategy group sessions to discover your purpose, clarify your message and the impact you want to have, and connect the dots of your life to craft the stories you should tell to drive action around your particular communications goal.

Program Start Date: Class begins September 2nd will be held once a week on Wednesdays online using Zoom at 1p-2p EST. All details and links will be emailed to you upon approval of your enrollment.


Session 1: Universal Truth and Purpose - discover the universal truth about your life story for inspiring action

Session 2: Community/Connection - discover the emotional drivers of your community for crafting compelling messages that meets their needs and develops buy in for your ideas

Session 3: Voice - craft messaging with details that gives your story authenticity and moves your community through their senses

Session 4: The Final Story - honing your final story copy


This program combines the best of story strategy consulting, community with other participants, and self-learning. These components on their own typically can cost $2,000-$3,000 each, but this program and online training is available to you for an investment of $599 or 2 payments of $325.

The good stuff (testimonials):

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Phoebe Schreiner

Vice President & Country Director of Breakthrough

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Elissa Weinzimmer

Author, Coach, Founder of Voice Body Connection

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Krystal Williams



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