Energy Vampires: How to Get Rid of the People who Drain You

Happy Halloween! Every year I wait until the day of Halloween to pick a costume, dig through my closet like a crazed person, then slap something together related to some black figure from the past (mostly tied to ladies with glorious afros because that's an easy one). I tried to claim Poetic Justice today since I've been wearing my hair in long braids, but it was a lazy attempt and I look like I do on any regular day. 

Anyways, in honor of Halloween, let's talk about the people who suck all the fun out of the room - I like to call these folks Energy Vampires. 

They slink around looking for their next victim, usually exploiting their relationships, treating others like garbage, and leaving behind the damage. 

Check out the latest video to figure out if you have any in your life and how to get rid of these suckers: