A workshop helping leaders and founders bring their organization’s purpose to life to better their people, profits, and creative process.

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There’s a purpose gap in the workplace. 2 out of 3 people are disengaged and unfulfilled at work.

and 68% of employees believe businesses don’t do enough to instill a sense of meaningful purpose in their work culture.

A leader’s most important role is to communicate a shared sense of purpose within their organization. In my New Quo Leadership Workshop, I teach team leaders, founders, and executives how to leverage stories to close this purpose gap and spark creativity and engagement in the workplace, because purpose and story go together like peanut butter and protein shakes.

Don’t just take my excited word on why purpose matters. Studies show a clearly articulated purpose flips the status quo at work:

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Purpose creates thriving culture

A clear purpose increases employee engagement, and organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202% on average.

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Purpose improves goals and work outputs

Employees who derive meaning from their work are 3x more likely to stay with their organization to fuel business success.

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Purpose increases engagement

73% of purpose-oriented employees are satisfied with their jobs. They are more likely to rise to senior level roles, to be promoters of their organizations, to stay longer, and to have strong relationships with their colleagues.

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Purpose sparks innovation and more $$

Purposeful, value-driven companies outperform their counterparts in stock price by a factor of twelve. Being purposeful brings dolla dolla bills y’all.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “This all sounds great, but how do I even begin to tell stories that communicate purpose?” This two-day workshop will give team leaders a clear framework on how to create communications that distill purpose, and is jam packed with research backed methods on storytelling, narrative theory, behavior change theory, values discovery, creative development, and communication strategy and won’t bore you to death (promise).

Workshop Structure


Part 1- Purpose Discovery

I take team leaders through narrative exercises to uncover shared values and identify the current purpose gap in the communications around their team goals and creative process. We then clarify the organization's mission and set clear communication strategies that aligns leaders, teams, and the organization on a shared purpose and values.

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Part 2 Story Creation

We then identify and create the key stories for engaging and motivating your people with purpose: Genesis stories of the birth of the organization and why it exists, transition stories of the organization managing adversity and change, innovation stories for breakthroughs and inspiration, and community success stories for celebrating wins and success. The final step is personalized strategy and tactics for how to create and share these stories for internal communications, external facing documents, speeches and more.

consulting (you want that one-on-one)

I also work one-on-one with leaders, founders, and creators, and small teams who want to create more powerful and purpose driven stories about their work that inspires action. We’ll follow a similar process to the New Quo workshop, extended over a 4-8 week period, tailored to your specific communication goals and needs.

The good stuff (Testimonials)

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Voice Body Connection

Elissa Weinzimmer

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Phoebe Schreiner

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Bond and Bridge

Krystal Williams