75% of people don't think they'll reach their creative potential

but nearly every problem we face in work and in life can benefit from creative solutions and new ideas -- and you (yes, you!) can always improve and even reach your creative potential.

Diversifying what you mentally consume = more innovative, more inclusive, more status-quo breaking outputs/creations/products/dance moves. I can dig that -- I bet you do too. I'm Christina Blacken, storyteller and founder of The New Quo and I created this space to change the conversation on who and what we think is creative. 


The New Quo

place: a space for status quo breakers who refuse to believe creativity is an elusive, elite, privileged, nose-in-the-air, endeavor only to be celebrated and recognized when non-melanated men are behind it.

process: a diverse and creative approach + outlook on work and life.


TNQ is one part inspiration

a digital cookout where diverse stories and wisdom are served, keeping you creatively inspired and satisfied.


Two parts perspiration

a collective of creators striving to build bigger, better, bolder ideas in their lives and work and an online/offline playground to discover the incredible possibilities for creation in everyday life.

Creativity is a right. let me repeat.


is a right.

Creativity is a way of thinking, a lens for looking at life, and something we ALL can do. By investing in your own creativity and celebrating overlooked examples of ingenuity, you’ll improve your mental wellness, create better things in your life and work, and just be a better human (and that’s always nice).

Science says so.

Welcome, grab a seat, sip a tea, do the dab. Stay a while.

TNQ is for you if: